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a technology muse like dr. vanessa riley is probably not the immediate choice to write about haute ton english society set in the 1800's.  with her most recent published work being ?i>reducing deformation by phase manipulation,?/i> the common visceral reaction is that providence has given another mule a voice to tell his story.  nevertheless, this mule uses her determined spirit and dogmatic tenacity to discover the hidden nuances of a character making him believable, her human and both ready to be used of god. 

vanessa's no stranger to creative writing or journalism.  before completing her doctorate at stanford university, vanessa served as national publications chairperson for one of the largest student-run organizations in the country which published a quarterly magazine.  vanessa was editor in chief of engenuity, a penn state student magazine which focused on the department of engineering. in high school, she was assistant editor in chief of south aiken high's school newspaper.  her grade school education is filled with awards and certificates for creative writing, poetry and speaking competitions. 

vanessa holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering and a masters in industrial engineering and engineering management from stanford university.  she also earned bs and ms in mechanical engineering from penn state university.    she's been a radio anchorwoman and church announcer. she's a member of the american christian fiction writers association.

today, vanessa juggles mothering a 4 1/2 year old, her thirteenth wedding anniversary, engineering, writing and speaking at women's  events.  she is known for her humorous delivery of poignant truths.  vanessa is currently, editor in chief of an online social network,

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